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Statement of Intent


Clear leadership is key to success in safety management.  You need to have a statement of intent from the person in charge of the business which clearly defines how safety will be managed.  Astute Safety Consulting will produce this document in a simple and engaging style.

Management Overview


Having a clear document which acts as a one stop shop for health and safety is important.  It means that all the staff who manage aspects of health and safety haver a single source of reference.  This document will outline who manages safety, their responsibilities as well as the legislation and regulations that the business must adhere to.

Risk Assessments


Understanding your risks and managing them are the most effective things you can do to improve safety.  Risks assessments are fundamental in understanding what might go wrong and how you can stop it.  It is so important to take on board the opinions of people carrying out the work and that an experienced health and safety professional helps guide the process.

Safe Methods of Work


Once you know how you need to control the risks in your business, you need to let your staff know how to work safely.  There will need to be procedures and safe methods of work given and briefed to staff.  These will ensure that the information is given out to make sure that everyone is working safely, but at the same time not swamping staff with too much information.



Once you have your safety processes  and methods of work in place there two big questions.  How do you know that everyone understands what they are meant to do?  Is everyone doing it?  Astute Safety Consulting will put together an audit package that will fit your business and will put forward recommendations if deficiencies are found.

System Review


To make sure that the Safety Management System is working as it should, there needs to be a review of how it is working.  Is the work place safer?  Is it cost effective?  Are staff and managers engaging with it?  Is it blocking how the business works?

Then make improvements from the start and demonstrate that continual improvements are being made

Safety Management Systems


A Safety Management System is the term used to describe how health and safety is managed.  

There is clear guidance given by the Health and Safety Executive and this can be down loaded free of charge from

Let Astute Safety Consulting help

To save you having to take time to read the guidance and put your own measures in place, let Astute Safety Consulting take the hassle away.  This maybe for the whole system or specific parts you need help with. 

By coming into your place of work, we can cut through the jargon and give you a system that will meet your needs.   All the documents will be in a language and style which will be easy for you and your staff to understand and your business will be safer. 

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