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Able to fit your needs

Astute Safety Consulting can give you the help and advice that you need for your business.  Every business is different and faces its own risks and challenges and Astute Safety Consulting has the experience to give you sound and sensible Health and Safety advice. 


Our range of services and plans can give small and medium sized businesses peace of mind by looking after all your safety requirements.

We can also help larger companies with projects or give short-term specialist assistance.


Practical safety advice

Astute Safety Consulting will give safety advice tailored to fit your business. Good safety management can save you money by reducing absence following accidents as well as ensuring that you are complying with Health and Safety legislation in the UK.  Managing safety in your workplace can also reduce the liklihood of an injured person taking legal action after an accident.      

Instead of being worried about the impact of an accident and legal action, you will have peace of mind and your business will be better protected.


Manage your risks

Understanding the hazards in your business and their consequences is the first step in improving safety.  Astute Safety Consulting will help you manage your risks by working with you to carry out risk assessments and help introduce practical ways of reducing risks. 


Make the astute choice and let Astute Safety Consulting help your business today.

Astute Safety consulting


Safety Management

Astute Safety Consulting will work with you to ensure you comply with UK Health and Safety Legislation.  Astute Safety Consulting will lead and produce your:

  • Risk assessments
  • Safe methods of work
  • Safety procedures
  • Manual handing assessments
  • Safety notices
  • Workplace assessments
  • Safety audits
  • Accident investigations
  • Safety management systems


Safety Systems

Astute Safety Consulting has the expertise to help with organising your Safety Management Systems to fit your business needs. 


To demonstrate how you are managing safety throughout your company Astute Safety Consulting can write a Safety Management System or Safety Case.  The complexity of this will be tailored to your business, ensuring that you are not swamped with documents that are difficult to understand and follow.

Astute Safety Consulting will adapt to your needs.



Accident Investigation

There may have already had an accident in the workplace.  Astute Safety Consulting will work with you to investigate accidents and put forward solutions to reduce the chance of a reoccurrence.  Any accident or near miss is an opportunity to learn safety lessons, and Astute Safety Consulting will help you get to the root cause. 


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