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Why Manage Safety?


Thriving businesses manage health and safety because it one of the key elements that makes them successful.


  • Managing safety is the law. Keeping on the right side of the law and out of court leaves your managers focusing on their proper tasks and reduces the risk of increasingly heavy fines.

  • Our society expects businesses to be run properly and safety is a key factor when people are choosing where to spend their money.


  • Managing safety can reduce overall costs in a business. There will be fewer accidents, fewer people will get hurt and need time off, managers will spend less time investigating accidents, staff moral improves and productivity increases.


  • We should all expect to be able to go home at the end of our working day without being injured or our health made worse just because of our work. It's immoral to put people at unnecessary risk.


Why Manage Safety?



The UK has laws which are well established, however the punishments for breaching these laws have become much more severe in recent years.  

Can you afford to have your company taken to court for an accident that you could have avoided?

 Did you know that you don't have to have an accident to be prosecuted? If an inspector finds evidence that you are not complying with health and safety legislation, they can come into your business and charge you an hourly rate to put things right. Whilst doing this, if they find a serious breach, they can still take you to court and prosecute.

 Call Astute Safety Consulting to help you manage safety and reduce the likelihood of an accident.


Good Business


Society today expects an employer to provide a safe place of work.  Health and safety failings are often seen to be the result a company cutting corners or not caring for its employees.

People expect you to provide safe plant and equipment, safe systems of work, competent workers and a high standard of training and supervision. 


Astute Safety Consulting will help you bring improvements in standards of your safety management to meet these expectations.

Astute Safety Consulting will work with you to address your safety concerns and reduce the risks in your workplace.  Improvements in safety will make your business more attractive to customers and valued employees.




Managing health and safety in the workplace may actually save you money.  

When Stelios Haji-Ioannou started Easy Jet, he used to have a sign in his office.


Okay, we don't all work in high risk industries such as the airlines, but accidents normally result in someone taking time off.  Productivity drops as managers investigate and interview staff.  Equipment or stock gets damaged and then there are possible fines or civil claims.

Your business is important and Astute Safety Consulting can help you protect yourself from these losses by helping to improve your safety processes and performance.



You have to look at yourself and your company and ask -  


If one of your staff were injured tomorrow, could you face people, knowing you could have done more to protect them?

How would you feel if your company or even you were personally prosecuted for an accident that could have been easily prevented?

It is quite an uncomfortable feeling if you think, hand on heart, that you could do more.

Astute Safety Consulting will work with you to improve safety in your business.  You will know that you are managing safety properly and reducing the likelihood of an accident .

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